Which Style of Glass Extension Will Best Suit Your Property?

A glass extension (or veranda conservatory) not only improves the market value of your property, but also the quality of life that you lead within it. With the weather being so unpredictable, a conservatory can provide the perfect place to entertain friends or simply relax and enjoy your garden without being forced to brave the elements.

However, choosing the right conservatory can be a bit daunting as there are so many factors to consider. Once a budget has been set, size and colour are usually the first things people decide upon. But when it comes to style and shape, they sometimes begin to struggle. luxury glass kitchen extension

Most companies offer free advice on design options and whether or not you will need planning permission. However, for those going it alone, here’s a quick guide to choosing which style of conservatory will best suit your property.

OK, first things first. Which construction materials will be used?

All conservatories are made from double-glazed glass which is held together by either a uPVC or an aluminium frame. You will have to decide on which is “in keeping” with the character of your property.

Next, you need to work out how many glass walls you require and whether they should be of equal or differing lengths. Will the roof be pitched (on a slant) or horizontal… and do you want a glass overhang or an ‘oversail’ (a retractable canvass awning)? These are all important factors in determining whether the conservatory will look classic or modern. Thinking about how you intend to use the space is helpful when making this decision – will it be used for entertaining, as an office or perhaps as a snug?

The final thing to consider is whether you intend the space to be enclosed or have bi-folding doors. These doors can be situated several feet back from the edge of the roof and open out into an area protected by the ‘oversail’, or they can be situated at the end of the conservatory and open directly out into the garden, sliding almost magically out of the way to create a wide and inviting entrance.


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