Soul of an SEO Expert

No SEO specialist will tell you the story of the grueling hours spent strategizing for the right keywords and optimization of the pages, the painstaking time it takes to build quality links and to create exciting content that keeps the user and the search engines happy, the unending patience wondering why your pages have not ranked though you have followed the search guidelines to the dot, or the late hours spent keeping up with the search engines ever changing algorithms. So why do we lie?

Is it that we believe that we are a breed of new age specialists with powers that most would call amazing, or is it that we feel we have the key that could open the door to riches beyond comprehension? How about SEO specialists claiming to be gurus, spreading their message to save the planet (or their slacking rankings) thinking, they like God, can do almost anything!Either way most of my SEO colleagues around the world would vouch, that at most it meets their basic needs. So you must now be wondering how is it that this poor guy can open the doors to your success.

Well I am not here to tell you that story, or claim dominance over search engines, nor am I here to give you the ten best tips to high rankings, or give you a guarantee to making money as easy as a “wink”. It will take more than three guesses as to where I am headed in this article. Honestly I don’t know the end, or the middle as a matter of fact, all I know is that I must share what I am to say, must understand what I am to speak, must learn what I am to be.

In Astrix and Obelix comics there is the Druid who makes magic portion that gives the tribe members a special buzz that they drink to become stronger and defend their village against the BIG Roman Empire. I would like to believe we SEO specialists are magical Druids, alone in the forest, gathering knowledge, tools, insights (add a dash of herbs and magic mushrooms) that can help create that special buzz for their clients…oops I meant tribe.

So are search engines the BIG Roman Empire of the past? To answer that question I would like to first state that I am not in my complete senses while I write, thus it will make sense to you as to why I scorn my stomach, or make a hole in the bed where I sleep, or give milk to the snake that will eventually pour its venom inside me, or crack stupid remarks trying to be funny where I should be focusing on pleasing the users who are reading this article hoping to gain some clue to this SEO man mystery.

There I said it. The search engines are the BIG Roman Empire! And they won’t stop till they dominate every single word combination in the English dictionary and beyond. But before you get frightened and run away from your seats wondering if BIG brother is watching and worse judging every letter you type, let’s take a pause here…

In a modern day parallel psychedelic universe of Astrix and Obelix, the druid would make magical portion that would give the tribe members a special buzz that would make the Romans fall in love. Why fight? When you can get them to like you, better yet love you. Is it possible to make the BIG Roman Empire an ally?

Author: admin