7 Best Places to Find Affiliate Products

In today’s economy, we are facing crisis. Livestock, grocery items, gasoline and other commodities necessary for the existence of mankind are becoming more and more expensive while wages remain the same and work benefits are becoming low. With that in mind, its unquestionable why many people are looking for other ways to gain income aside from the income they gain from their day job. calphalon 2029626

One easy way to gain income is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online especially if you have a computer and an internet connection.

There are 3 ways to earn money through affiliate marketing and these are pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click. In affiliate marketing, you place an advertisement on your website to sell a merchant’s product or send a person to the merchant’s website and by doing that, you gain a share of the merchant’s profits.

There are plenty of companies that operate in affiliate marketing industry and the 7 best places to find affiliate products are the following:

1. ClickBank – ClickBank is an affiliate directory that handles digital products such as software and e-books which makes it the most popular affiliate directory for downloadable products.

What makes ClickBank preferable than other affiliate programs is that products in ClickBank are listed by popularity so it is easier for you to find products to promote. You can also easily set up an account in ClickBank and promote products. In addition, you can get up to 75% commission on products or services you sell which is larger than other affiliate programs. The minimum payment can be as low as $10 and you can cash out weekly through domestic and international direct deposit.

2. Commission Junction – Commission Junction is one of the largest and best known affiliate programs on the internet. It works as a middleman between merchants and website owners or advertisers. It is an affiliate program for physical and downloadable products. It has many products for you to promote and each product differs in the percentage which you could earn from each sale. The merchants in Commission Junction are big and well-developed companies so the products and services you sell as an affiliate are more reliable and well-known. It also provides plenty of marketing materials for affiliates which make it easier for them to promote the products in Commission Junction. These marketing materials include banners, text links, product links and search boxes. When you sign up in Commission Junction as an affiliate, you will get paid through direct deposit or paycheck in your selected currency.

3. ClixGalore – ClixGalore has about 9,500 merchants listed within their directory and about 20,000 active affiliates. It has no cost to join in this affiliate program and like Commission Junction they also provide affiliates with marketing materials to incorporate into their web site. In ClixGalore, you get paid monthly and the payment threshold is $0. It also has an advance reporting tool for merchants and affiliates which allow them to easily measure their success in affiliate marketing. Moreover, ClixGalore gives great commissions for active affiliates and it provides many professional marketing tools which make it easier for affiliates to promote the merchant’s products.

4. RegNow – RegNow is the world’s leading software affiliate program which gives you a commission up to 75%. In RegNow, you sell software products not products that require shipment to clients so the products that you sell can be sold to anyone anytime and anywhere around the world. Aside from the base commission, RegNow also pays you up to 2.5% in additional commissions on every sale. Payment in RegNow is bi-weekly through PayPal, major credit cards and international wires and the minimum payout is $100. Like the affiliate programs mentioned above, RegNow also provides many different tools to help affiliates promote its merchants’ products.


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